Task 3 Web design evaluation

The aim of the task was to create a portfolio website with at least 4 linking pages.

To begin with i had to carry out my own personal research on websites when i felt ready i created basic sketches of how i wanted to lay my pages out, majority of the elements on the pages are also included in the sketches.


  • Index
  • Work
  • About
  • Blog
  • Contact

When i carried my layout plans on to photoshop i started to realise certain areas that needed to be changed, at first my idea was to have a bright colourful website but after i carried out my research it showed that more of the adult audiences like dark colours, so i decided to go with the black and white theme to add to the UX.

I created all my elements individually on photoshop because i was able to quick export them as  .png then i would be able to work in dreamweaver much more smoothly.

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Dreamweaver

I then pieced my website together by inserting images and adding divs to the images which would allow me to move my elements about freely and place them anywhere i like on the page.

A menu page was created in the process so the user to could navigate page to page, for the menu i had to create a close button so the user could return to the index page.

I wanted to keep the website simple and easy to understand so that the user wouldn’t be confused or distressed in anyway, each page has text, images and linking buttons.

Final piece

My final piece, i am happy with various aspects such as all the elements i created worked well with each other, I feel as if my website displays my work and myself very well, i have a nice portion of self images and work images which allows my audience to get a better insight of me.

The thing i would add to my website are rollovers, rollovers help the audience locate buttons and shows what the cursor is covering. I would like to change my menu, it could of been more smooth and responsive, i don’t like the way it opens a new page.

I have a gained a better understanding of dreamweaver and if i was to make another website i know exactly how i would go about it in order to get it created, i learned how to allow movement to images and link pages within dreamweaver.


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