FMP – Evaluation


The theme for my project was to create a simplistic and user friendly website. I was aim to satisfy my target audience which is 18+, the reason why i chose that age and above is because people of that age are more likely to be well established and will be interested in hearing business plans.

I started off by carrying out research and i was taking notes on elements that i would like to include in my work such as:

  • Copyright – at the bottom of each page
  • Rollovers – highlight for text
  • Hyperlinks – link for external webpage

Once i felt ready i started to draw sketches of what i wanted my website to look like, i drew each page separately so there is clear understanding of my changes and development to how i got to my final piece.

I took my sketches and digitalised them using Adobe Photoshop, i added colours from my colour palette, below.

colour pallete

I got my peers to look at my work, the main key points they pointed out was:

  • More information
  • The website should be more centred
  • Include more image
  • The images i had looked stretched
  • Text was hard to see in certain areas on the web page
  • The contact button wasn’t clear enough

I took in everything they said and i adjusted my work when i was happy i took my work in Adobe Dreamweaver.

When i was in Dreamweaver i had to add rollovers to my buttons, i had to link all pages together and then i had to link the external webpages to my site, whilst i was working on my website i occurred little problems, which meant i had to pay attention to detail in order for everything to be successful.

My peers were very pleased with my final piece seeing as i made the adjustments that they pointed out, they liked aspects like:

  • Font
  • Text size
  • Image size

If there was anything i would change about my website is that amount of information because i feel as if certain pages lacked images and text. Overall i am very please with my final piece.

Link to final piece is below:


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