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This section to be completed by the Learner

Learner Name: Siam Patterson


BTEC Registration


Centre Name: Centre Number: 14413
Specialist Area: Interactive Media & Digital Design/Games Design
Signature:                                                                          Date:

Website design

For your Project Proposal you must provide an outline brief of your Final Major Project. This brief will normally be of your own choosing. Where your tutor sets the brief, or where you are working on a group brief (with other Learners), please make sure that you cover how you will respond individually to the brief and/or your individual responsibilities/contribution to the work of the group.

Your Project Proposal must be produced as a focused outline brief:

Create a Website that promotes your skills, future goals and business plan explaining how you think you will get there. Use technical terms and skills that you have learned throughout the year in order to complete this assignment. The website has to be very responsive and UX friendly. You need to use critical information from your peers and yourself to create this website. Website needs to be HTML and CSS.

Section 1:

    I.         Carry out research and take note of key features that you’d  like to included in your website.

   II.         Decide on the colour pallet & layout ideas.

 III.         Logo sketches.

 IV.         Create basic wireframe sketches of each page in sketch book (min 5).

  V.         Peers informally assess ideas pages. Record critical feedback.

 VI.         You need to include different types of media such as images, audio and previous work.

Section 2:

I.         You may need to carry out your own research to get inspiration of new ideas these can come from a series of sources e.g. Internet, library.

II.         A finished wireframe development. Annotations about UX designs and how the site will work.

III.         Digitalise sketches.

IV.         Prepare images to be taken into Dreamweaver.

Your site needs to be HTML and CSS. Your site must contain:

·       A minimum of 5 pages.

·       A folder of web prepared images for use.

·       A final working website with functioning pages.

·       Pages contain text, images and hyperlinks.

·       2 external links to another website.

·       Neutral content not offensive or defamatory.

·       A grid system needs to be used for good UX

Section 3:

  1. Site should be uploaded and tested on a local site server. You need to demonstrate a series of technical skills and you understanding of web design.
  2. A finished prototype .psd file containing all pages and graphics that you will use for your site. Take screen grabs. Post on blog. Intended techniques, media, processes
  Date Tasks Resources/Techniques


1 20.03.17 Research Websites.

Take note of responsive websites.




2 27.03.17 Complete basic sketches of layout (min 5)


Sketch book
3 Easter


Gather feedback from peers and record.


4 Wireframes of layout should be completed


Sketch book
5 18.04.17 Take wireframes into Photoshop and digitalise sketches.




6 24.04.17 Gather various types of media you’d like to include in the website.




7 02.05.17 Create a prototype .psd file (min 5).


8 08.05.17 Take web prepared images into Dreamweaver.


9 15.05.17 Website should be uploaded onto a local webserver and visible on the internet using a standard browser




10 22.05.17 Write full evaluation and post on blog. Final Website completed





Section 4:

  1. You must write up your evaluation and post on your blog, within your evaluation you need to include references, proof of peer assessment to show that they helped with target audience research. Website needs to be uploaded and be easily viewed using standard browsers. You need to use technical



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