UX and UI design issues

For a website to be popular within the internet it must have:

Desirability – This means that a website that is attractive to the user will cause the user to return for the same experience.

Accessibility – the website is convenient for different categories of users.

Utility – Delivers useful and problem solving content

Homepage – This is a well known name for a index page, it usually provides the user with multiple starting points.

Responsive web design (RWD)

Websites need to be responsive meaning the difference between desktop and device should not change. The website must be able to adapt to different devices and change its technical abilities to fit the device that the user has chosen, if the change is so subtle and unnoticeable to the user that means the designer has done a good job.

A good website will have a heading for the website and different pieces of content, a good selection of a clear and readable font and typography.

Grid systems

A grid system is a 2 dimensional framework, its helps to align and lay out design elements. They break down a design space into a grid to help place certain elements to help catch the users eye. They usually create a user flow and make information and visuals stand out more.bootstrap-using-the-gridfigure1



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