Task 4: Evaluation Motion graphics

I planned to create a motion graphic based on Michael Craig Martin, i started off creating ideas and sketches to find out how i am going to carry out my project and what are the key elements that i would like to include such as:

-“An Oak Tree” a piece of art michael craig martin created and i decided i would like to create a 3D version of this piece of art.

–  Various pieces of art works from michael to show his development and what his artworks consist of.

i had to make slight changes to the original plan in order to get things working together smoothly, i had to go within MAYA to create a 3D model of michaels artwork, i had to carry out my own research in order for me to understand the basics and how i would export my animation into Adobe After effects.

The main pieces of software i used was Adobe After effects and MAYA each of which has animation tools that i have used in my motion graphics.

i feel as if my skills and understanding of each softwares has developed wholesomely and i feel as if i can carry out more task efficiently.

Final Piece

I have kept the majority of the elements the same, i used colours that enhance his artworks to make them stand out to the audience. I created  my 3D model and gave it a texture, there is two 3D elements a shelf and a glass with water inside, the shelf has a wood texture and the glass has a transparent effect allowing the audience to see right through the glass and see the water within.

once i was finished with modelling my 3D glass and shelf i then batch rendered it out as a png and and took it into Adobe after effects as a png sequence.

I created a spiral transition in after effects and decided to incorporate it in the final piece to help smooth of changes between scenes.

I feel as if i have got various different messages across such as:

– The time, date and which gallery it is at

– I showed various artworks to show his development

I am slightly happy with my final piece. The elements that i am proud of the most is the 3D model and certain transitions throughout the piece. if there was anything that i would change in the slightest it would be the positioning of my 3D elements throughout the motion graphic, it feel almost out of place.

My Final Piece


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