2. Call Sheet LA Noir

Call Sheet

Production name KC Productions
Shoot Date 2nd January
Call time: 16:00
Call location: Waterloo, London
Location1: Tate Modern


AddressBankside, London SE1 9TG

Phone020 7887 8888


Location2: Southwark Bridge


Location3: Bank




Name Contact
Julien Zephir 07954530022
Ethan Fernandes 07762811128
Jaden Sepulveda 07984305956
Siam Patternson 07983382112
Luis Meneses 09795434433


List equipment

50mm F1.8 Lens

Canon 700D

LED Light

Rode Mic


Contact: Kingston College

Props and Costumes

Wool Jackets Crime Scene Tape
Shirt/Tie Detective Badge
Detective Hat Paper Note
Cigarettes Business Shoes
Gun Glasses

Shooting Schedule

Time What you are doing Where / who
16:30 Shooting City Scene with two Brothers Top of Tate Modern with Julien & Siam
17:30 Shooting Mystery guy following Little Brother Southwark Bridge with Julien & Jaden
19:30 Shooting Mystery guy and Big Brother meeting. Lothbury Road

Jaden & Siam

20:30 Shooting Crime Scene Throgmorton Street

Julien, Luis & Siam

22:30 Detective questions Mystery guy while leaving his apartment. Lothbury Lane

Jaden & Luis

23:30 Mystery man pulls trigger on the Detective who was Following The Big Brother Bartholomew Lane

Jaden, Siam & Luis



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