9. Risk Assessment


Production name & number – Production office telephone

Shoot dates

List of location(s) form relates to

Production manager: Julien Zephir / 07954530022

(exec) Producer name: Ethan Fernandes / 07762811128

Complete the following table rating

  • each risks severity on scale from Negligable (N), Low risk (L), Moderate risk (M), Severe (S), Very severe (V)
  • each risks likelihood on scale from Very unlikely (VU), Unlikely (U), Possible (P), Likely (L), Very likely (VL)
  • Determine the risk factor from the table overleaf.




Severity Likelihood Risk Factor
1 Alcohol/drugs N N VU N
2 Animals/insects N N VU N
3 Audiences L L P N
4 Camera cable/grip equipment N N P N
5 Confined spaces L L U N
6 Derelict buildings/dangerous structures L L VU L
7 Electricity/gas (other than normal supplies) N N VU N
8 Fatigue/long hours M S L L
9 Fire/flammable materials L N VU N
10 Hazardous substances N N U L
11 Heat/Cold/extreme weather M M L N
12 Laser/strobe effects N N VU N
13 Machinery/industrial/ crane/hoist L L VU N
14 Materials – glass, non-fire retardant set materials L L VU N
15 Night operation M L L N
16 Noise – high sound levels M M L L
17 Non standard manual handling M M VU N
18 Public/crowds M M L N
19 Radiation N L VU N
20 Scaffold/Rostra N M VU N
21 Smoking on set L L U L
22 Special effects/explosives N N VU N
23 Special needs (elderly, disabled, inexperienced) N N VU N
24 Specialised rescue/first aid N N U N
25 Stunts, dangerous activities N L VU N
26 Tall scenery/suspended ceilings N N VU N
27 Vehicles/speed M M U L
28 Water/proximity to water N N VU N
29 Weapons N N VU N
30 Working at heights L M L N
31 Working overseas N N VU N
32 Other risks N N VU N






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