UX and UI design issues

Working on website you will usually need to focus on certain aspects for example:

Utility – the website has useful and need contented that solves users problems.

Usability –  the website is clear, easy to use and convenient.

Desirability – the website attracts users, users come back due to a positive experience .

Accessibility – the website is convenient for different categories of users.


In terms of web layout elements, header is the upper (top) part of the web page. It is a significant and strategic part of the page as it is what people see before scrolling the page in first seconds of introduction to your website. Therefore, header should be informative and provide the most important information about the digital product so that users could scan it in split seconds. Header is also the area providing broad field for creative design solutions which should be catchy, concise and useful. Headers are often referred to as «Site Menus» and positioned as a key element of navigation in website layout.

Headers usually include:

— basic elements of brand identity: logo, brand name lettering, slogan or company statement, corporate mascot, photo presenting the company or its leader, corporate colours etc.

— copy block setting the theme of the product or service presented.

— links to basic categories of website content.

— links to the most important social networks.

— basic contact information (telephone number, e-mail etc.)

— switcher of the languages in case of multi-lingual interface.

— search field.

— subscription field.

— links to interaction with the product such as trial version, downloading from the AppStore etc.

Home Page

Home page is the most popular name for the main page of the website. It is called home as it usually provides starting point with many further directions for the user, containing direct links to the most important areas of interaction with a website. In other words, it can be also named initial page or index page. Home page is mostly the start of users’ journey if they are directed to the site by search engines.

In addition to essential links to different website parts, home page often contains search field, basic on boarding functionality for personalised sites, different areas of navigations showing users diverse categories of data. It might also contain engaging welcome messages and copy blocks featuring slogan and/or explaining benefits of the website or objects it presents.




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