Task 4: Film noir Diary/log


Diary log

14th December  2016

My group and I booked equipment such as:

Camera lens 50mm

Rode mic

Led Light



This equipment was essential to us as it would allow use to easily film without having any issues.

Day 2 (21st December 2016)

2 members of the group decided to have Skype call in order to plan the script, they planned in depth the storyline and the final story line, they also spoke to the rest of the group and put a date for when we should record.




  • Two Brothers in the city 
  • Big Brother: “The city is ours”
  • Little Brother: “our Dream Came true” SCENE 2 [SOUTHWARK BRIDGE]
  • [STAIRS]
  • Main brother Gives a note to little brother
  • Brothers split up SCENE 3  [SOUTHWARK BRIDGE]
  • Afters the brothers split up, Jaden shown on the camera lying against the wall with head down
  • Little brother walks past him and goes down the stairs
  • Jaden follows     SCENE 4  [SOUTHWARK BRIDGE]
  • Little brother walks into alleyway 
  • Gun shot by mysterious figure
  • Little bro: “how could you, I thought you were part of the family”
  • Detective comes to the scene first
  • Finds and takes the note that’s in the little brothers jacket
  • Big brother gets there, on his knees, sad & confused, looking for the paper
  • Big brother: “that’s my brother”
  • Detective: “I’m a detective, this is a crime scene  SCENE 5  [BANK]
  • Detective goes to the address
  • *Sees Jaden*
  • Detective: “Excuse me, is this your address?
  • Jaden: “Jaden”
  • I have a few questions for you”     SCENE 6  [BANK]
  • Main Brother and Jaden meet up
  • *shake hands*
  • “the deal is done but don’t ever ask me to do anything like this again”  [ALLEYWAY DETECTIVE SHOT]
  • [BANK]

            SCENE 7

  • Brother walking through streets
  • Detective follows
  • Brother stops and turns around with a smirk look
  • Camera cuts to a gun barrow to the back of the detective’s head
  • Gun is triggered then fired   *The screen goes black*    4pm – meet at waterloo 5:30pm – finish filming at Tate modern then go to Southwark Bridge 8pm – Finish filming at Southwark Bridge  9pm – Finish eating 11:30pm – Finish filming
  • 9:30pm – Arrive at Bank
  • 8:15pm – Arrive at Kings cross
  • 6pm – arrive at Southwark Bridge
  • 4:30pm – arrive at Tate modern

Day 3 (2nd January 2016)

We set a time to meet up which was 4pm, we planned the locations and shots that we needed to take in order for recording to go smoothly. We arrived at tate modern and immediately began recording our scenes. The first Scene we recorded was when the two brother meet up at Tate Modern.

Action needed for next week is to finish recording the pieces that we need in order for the trailer to flow fluently with each other, we also had to get our paperwork organised and signed, once those two task are completed we can put everything together to make our final.

Daily Production Report / shooting report

Production name FILM Noir Trailer
Shoot Date 2nd January 2017
Call time: 16:30
Wrap time: 23:30
Time What you where doing Issues/problems
16:30 Shooting City Scene with two Brothers at Tate Modern No Tripod allowed on premises
17:30 Shooting Mystery Guy following Little Brother at Southwark Bridge People Walking By bridge
19:30 Shooting Mystery guy and Big Brother meeting. N/A
20:30 Shooting Crime Scene N/A
22:30 Detective questions Mystery guy while leaving his apartment. N/A
23:30 Mystery man pulls trigger on the Detective who was Following The Big Brother N/A


50mm F1.8 Lens

Canon 700D

LED Light

Rode Mic


Day 4 (11th Janurary 2017)

Myself and the group decided to meet up and reviewed all the footage we had taken and chose which files we wanted in the trailer

In terms of my contribution I personally feel as if I was urging the crew to go forward, I took part in acting as well as helping with lighting in and out of scenes. The team worked very well together we helped each other by always giving each other constant feedback so we could better ourselves and the trailer.

We took various days out of the week to review our progress and problems. We did encounter a few problems such as temperature, days to record on and power sources, we had to find ways to work around these problems, we ended up bring more batteries so we can record for longer and moved our meet-ups to later dates.

Evidence of filming



We used Sony Vegas Pro 11 to carry out our editing, we arranged to have the audio match the footage, the audio was then cut and faded in and out to make it seem natural to the audience.full-project-02

We then added colour correction to the footage.mbl-contrast

After we was done using colour correction on the clips, scenic audio files were then added such as police sirens, we also added our voice overs we recorded in classsound-edit-ss sound-edit-ss-02



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