Task 2: Motion Graphic Treatment

Micheal Craig-Martin White Chapel

The plan for this project was to make a 15 second advertisement showing previous art works from Micheal Craig-Martin. The Target audience that I was aiming for is male and females, 13-75 years of age, the reason why I aimed the target audience relatively low is because the age 13 is when students take part in their GCSE’s so they probably would refer to Micheal for inspiration and I set the target audience quite high due to Micheal being 75 also so there is a high probability that there are people of the public with same age as Micheal that would like to see his art work again.

Whilst creating this motion graphic, the softwares i’ll be using are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and MAYA . I will be using After Effects to piece the actual animation together. MAYA will be used to create 3D elements that will be within the motion graphic. This motion graphic will advertise his work to the different audiences at his exhibition

The project was made in order to promote and advertise an upcoming exhibition by a 20th century artist. I chose Micheal because I feel that his work is quite simple but they may hide hidden means behind them.

I started the advertisement by showing the gallery that the exhibition will be take place in and what artist it will be featuring which is Micheal Craig-Martin, I planned to keep showing various pieces of work throughout the whole advertisement so that it would keep the audience enticed to see more. After the dialogue hit the centre of the screen I placed the first piece of artwork with all the locations that held his exhibitions, I then added a spiral transition to hide the underlying transition between artworks, once the transition is done the second piece of artwork appears in the centre of the screen, I decided to have the dates fall from the top of the screen to knock the most recent artwork of the screen. At the end I placed a 3D version of the ‘An oak tree’ that I created using MAYA.

The visual elements that take part within this short motion graphic, was created using after effects and­­­ MAYA autodesk. I used MAYA to create a Glass and shelf to represent Micheal’s ‘An oak tree’, for this scene in the motion graphic I used the camera tool within MAYA so I could get a more personal approach on the glass. At the beginning of the motion graphics I added a light on the text I also made the text 3D so the light can take effect on it.

For audio within the motion graphic I used a uplifting Ukulele Background, I used this piece of audio because it has can add a happy and uplifting vibe to the motion graphic, it almost allows everything to flows smoothly.

I have chosen this to carry out the advertisement this way so it would keep audiences attention, I feel that the audio within this advertisement allows the audience to connect more emotionally with the artworks. In order for me to carry out this task I needed to learn how to navigate through MAYA so I’d be able to recreate one of Micheal’s artworks.


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