App concept evaluation

Crossing Forecast


I have given the app an environmental theme by adding different backgrounds for different weather situations for example puddles for rainy days and clear skies for sunny/clear days.


The first screen is a log in screen where the user is allowed to log in and out of the app, I used Adobe Photoshop to create the buttons and background, the log in screen has a space theme due to unknown weather conditions. For the majority of themes I took images of a different weather conditions and placed them within Photoshop I then increased or decreased the brightness depending on the weather conditions dark for cold days and light for hot days, once I did that I created a gradient to go over the image once finished I would lower the opacity of the gradient to so the buttons and locations ect would be visible. I kept the font simplistic so the app as a whole would look appealing to more of the older audiences, I wanted to keep the app clean and clear so it would be easier for the older audience to navigate.

These are the different designs for different weather conditions, you have a profile button that takes the user to their profile from which they can navigate to three different screens which are hourly forecast, today’s forecast and weekly forecast, the user can also use the log out button to take them back to the log in screen. Each different screen is slightly different from the other because they mainly focus on what they were made for.

The colour schemes I have used in my app are mainly white, grey and black because they all complement each other and they also helped make the font stand out. I used oranges and white to get a warm colour gradient and I used blue and white to get a cold gradient.

monochrome-untuk-baju-pinkTo make my app better I could improve my button colours and placement due to being in the top corners of the screen and it doesn’t grab the users attention, I would like to add a working drop menu. The apps colour scheme should of been larger with more variations of colours. The font could have been a bit bolder to stand out more . I could of used different colours within my gradients instead of blue and orange if I did this then my app could be more appealing to different niches.


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