App Design History

When mobiles first were released the users had been allowed access to make phone calls and text messages. telephone companies did not want to let people find out how their apps were made so they decided to keep it a secret.

The snake game was one of the first games to be revealed to the public and this went global the world was taken by storm and was shocked at the development, people was so surprised because they never seen a game on a mobile before.

1992 – IBM Simon was the first phone with a touch screen, people also called this phone a ‘smart phone’ because not only could you place calls you could also send emails, faxes and it even had a world clock.

As time goes on the smartphone kept growing and the use of 3rd party apps was also constantly growing.

Garnet Os was developed by Palm inc, the phone was initially made for PDA’s, Garnet Os was quite popular due to their 3rd party apps. Palm inc introduced changeable backgrounds (themes) for their phone

Blackberry 850 – was the first ever blackberry phone to be released in 1999, it was one of the first to have a headset.


Iphone 1st generation, apple released their first phone in 2007, android closely followed by releasing their own app store called ‘play store’, what the app store and play store are where iOS and android user could search up applications and then add the apps to their phone. iPhones build is quite simplistic and clean due to their simple app logos and their big touch screen, this was slowly incorporated with Samsung, the difference is that samsung users have more customisation on their phones compared to iPhone users.

Twitter Development

The old Twitter vs The New Twitter

The new Twitter has removed the blue headline at the top of the screen and replaced with just the twitter logo and left it white so the logo stands out more. They moved the message button and added it to the bottom of the screen so it is with all the other related functions. They added a ‘Add Friends’ button that allows you to search for any other twitter users that the user could possibly know.

They eat the search button at the top because it is one of the most essential buttons within the app, it allows you to type in a keyword and it will come up with everything related to that word.




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