Task 1: Motion Graphic Research

motion-graphic-timelineMotion Graphic Research

Cel animation

Cel animation was the old, traditional way to add animations to films/shows before computers came around. The technique consist of transparent sheets with objects or characters on them, the background was kept separate from the sheets, this way of animation is was quite time consuming due to having to paint the character on to the sheets separately. Cel animation was used in early Disney movies.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation use Computer Generated images (CGI) to help create 3D objects such as a 3D square. There is a Polygonal mesh that helps the user to create settings, characters, objects etc. this way is way more time efficient compared to Cel animation. i found that The Sausage Party is a good example of 3D animation, everything within this movie has been made using 3D software

Music Videos usually use Motion graphics to enhance the display of their lyrics and enhance the actual video by adding props and objects that have been created within a computer.

Nickelodeon Indents


I found that Nickelodeon indents are quite well made and placed. Within their indents the characters move and interact with each other, the characters carry out random and silly movements that entertain the viewer; by the time the indent is near the end the brand unravels itself. Nickelodeon gives their words life by giving them their individual characteristics which catch the eye of the viewer.

Flat animations 

Flat animations consist of 2D and 3D elements. The 3D elements would be made using 3D software and the 2D elements could be made in adobe illustrator and photoshop. Each element is brought together using a animation software such as adobe after effects.


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