Task 2:Michael Craig-Martin

Michael was born in 1941, from Dublin, he studied at Yale school of art, whilst he was there he studied fine art from there he was inspired by other artist related to fine art at the time. Michael is a contemporary – conceptual artist who usually uses bright colours within his work.

One of his pieces of work is well known, it is called ‘An Oak Tree’ it is a glass of water on a shelf. When i discovered this piece of work i thought about why it is called an oak tree, there are many different views on why this piece of work is labelled the way it is.

His work mainly consist of household items.

within my motion graphic i will use some of his art while i am presenting, whilst presenting i will use 3D elements that can be made in MAYA, i want to recreate ‘An Oak Tree’ within maya and create my own 3D version.


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