Task 1: L.A Noir concepts

headerConcept 1

Lady in Red

Dead woman found in alley way, wearing a red dress – 2 detectives come to the murder scene both males, one called Aldino with a moustache and the other called Pancho with blonde hair. They take a closer look at the dead victim and converse with each other about how she died. They find that she is missing a ring which turns out to be her wedding ring.

The two Detectives go and investigate her husband, it turns out that he was having an affair on his poor wife, whilst the detectives are investigating the husband they hear a loud rumbling noise upstairs, they go to see what it was and they find the husbands ‘play thing’ the woman he was having an affair with. Turns out the woman was the killer. The woman gets detained, later on her name was found in the police records for Attempt to murder previously.


Concept 2

Young shooter

scene starts of with young african american male picking up a parcel and begins to ride to his destination little did he know that there was one detective watching him, the detectives name is Pancho, the boy proceeds to reach destination, he meets up with a well clothed male and hands him the parcel, the mans face is not to be revealed so it is left black. the man then bags the parcel and shots the young male in the gut allowing him to slowly bleed.

At the same time that the gun shot goes off the two detectives hear the gun shot and rush to the scene calling back up, they find the young african american bleeding out and they come the conclusion that the young kid can not make it and carry out, they try their best to squeeze the last amount of information out of him, the young boy says one letter “A” but it was too late to get the rest out of him.

Pancho Pieces the all the evidence together and discovered it was his partner Aldino.




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