Market Research, Authoring and Treatment

Target Audience

I’ve decided to design a weather app. My target audience is going to be (12 – 45) i have chosen to design this app for that age group for people who may be going to school or just commuting to work. I will have the temperature in degrees. The app will get a weather update by the hour so that users can keep track of time also. I plan to give the app a more modern look which will be more appealing toward the older part of my target audience, i think the older people of the audience will like the modern and simplistic look due to it being easy to use and it will get straight to the point by having a date, time and temperature and it will also have more information for the day e.g. predicted weather forecast for throughout the day. i plan to give the app a clean and smooth design with clear and clean icons so it appeals more to the older audience. i plan to have the temperature centred in the middle of the page with the date below with the location, i also plan to have sounds for the different weather conditions e.g. when its raining i plan to have rain drop sounds.10-beautiful-weather-apps-you-should-try-right-now

Market research

Market research is a useful way of finding ways to improve a product. The target audience plays a vital role in the process of market research as it outlines the group for which a product is intended for, such as a product, film or advert. Market research allows you to gain an understanding of people’s preferences, likes and dislikes of a particular product. There are various methods that are carried out for market research shown through researching the internet, or carrying out public surveys.

Ive narrowed down the what the majority of weather apps have in common:



Temperature (degrees)

Clean icons for weather

7 day weather forecast


Colours that relate to Time and temperature e.g. Dark colours for night time and low temperature.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

I plan to make the app ethically acceptable toward my target audience as the app will use a universal language without using any profanity to avoid any ethical issues.

Privacy is the thing that will worry most users, the data that they will put into the app has to be secure and well protected so no one can breach their personal information, the app will need the location of the user in order for them to gain weather forecast, they will need to input their location manually by typing it in or they could use location services to gain this access.

However, some ethical issues could coexist within the method of public surveys. The consideration of ethics in research, and general business for that matter, is of growing importance. This is therefore critical to understand the basics of the ethical research and how it may affect the project. This is shown through the ways in which data that is collected from a varied number of people is randomised. The issue with this is that different people share different preferences, hence causing it to be non-generalisable. Other ethical issues to consider could also include bribing, dishonest advertising, cheating customers or unfair pricing. Such issues can cause a negative impact on the development of a product as it may lead to people not trusting the product. The researcher has the responsibility to treat their respondents fairly in a research study and has a responsibility to the client to gather accurate and reliable information. This means that they also have the responsibility to mention a detailed informed consent as this could affect the confidentiality of the respondents and hence cause harm which is another ethical issue to be considered.

Legal issues usually involve problems of taking with competitors about the pricing of products. The legal issues faced during market research usually consists of the thorough review of libellous or false statements that may be associated with product before it proceeds with the marketing process.  This process is vital to ensure that the developers don’t commit libel as this could cause a knock-on effect with the overall process. This intertwines with dishonesty in the company’s research methods which could lead to deceptive practices. The Market Research Society produces useful legal guidelines to be aware of such as questions being carefully designed in order to avoid the influence of the respondent’s answer or confusion about what is being asked. Ensuring that the researcher asks the right people and encourage them to respondent is also another major legal issue because market researchers aim to get a representative sample of the chosen target market. An example of this may be reflected through people that may be too busy to answer the research sample, leaving you with a research sample that is heavily weighted towards those that do have the time to answer. In order to improve this, considering using an agency of legal guidelines could be a possibility as it ensures to conclude with a reliable and more accurate research sample.


Authoring in interactive media means the creation of a digital document or a program that could be used as a service. Authoring is a process that goes on when the design of apps are being carried out, i can be in any format e.g. sound, buttons and animations. There are various types of media authoring tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Authorware.

Whilst authoring a app you will need to take note of the file size, the OS that the app is going to run on in order for the app to be fast and smooth within the OS. Dreamweaver can be used to create websites and link pages. When creating and design an app you will need to plan and create a schedule so the app can be created in time so you do not waste time. Whilst designing it would be a good choice to do sketches and drawings of what the app will look like and then  you could digitise it, once its digitised you can carry your sketches and drawings into an app like photoshop so you could refine you drawings. once you have made all your assets you could then put all off them together on dreamweaver and then you could carry out test so you know where you could make improvements and better your UI.


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