Unit 62 – interactive media authoring

Unit 62 – Interactive Media Authoring


Authoring: Authoring in interactive media means the creation of a digital document or a program that could be used as a service. There are various types of media authoring tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Authorware.

Sonic Assets: Sonic assets come in the form of sound, videos, animations and images. They can also become interactive possibly in the form of a button that allows the user go to a next page within the app.


Heaven apps – apps that fulfill their duties that the user wants.

Dropbox – is a app that allows files to bare shared easily and quickly globally, the app has 2GB of storage that the user can use for free. The app is very easy to use, you simply find the file you want to store and you wait for it to upload and it is complete.

Google Maps – Google maps is used worldwide to help the user learn about their surroundings and also show them a recommended route for a destination of their choice. The apps UI and visuals are quite plain and simple, they use vibrant colours to show places of interest and importance. The apps assets e.g buttons are well placed and are very helpful.

Facebook – Facebook is a world known app throughout different countries, this app has been used to communicate from place to place which allows different variations of people to interact with each other. I found that once I used the app I found out that I was able to view different newsfeeds, I can send messages to family and friends and I could post images. The app’s UI is very simplistic and easy to use; you have all the main functions placed at the bottom of the screen so you have easy access.

Twitter – In 2015 twitter had up 307 million users, this is a social networking service that allows users to read and post messages known as ‘tweets’. The UI within this app is very user friendly and very straightforward by the layout of all the buttons, you have all your main uses at the bottom of the screen and you have your messages at the top left. I think the Visuals on this app is very pleasing on the eye due to it being simple.

Instagram – Instagram is a photo/video sharing social networking app that allows the user to upload photos and videos to be viewed publically or privately, they can also share images or videos through other apps such Facebook and Twitter while using Instagram. The design of the app is clutter free, the user can view photos/videos simply by scrolling, you have 5 buttons at the lower end of the screen, A home button to allow the user to view other users photos/videos, an explore button to view various interest the user may have, A button that allows the user to upload and take photos/videos and then further edit them, a notification button that takes the user to their notifications where they can see who has liked their post or who has decided to follow them, the last button takes the user to their profile where they can view their previous post.

Uber – Uber is a Worldwide Online transportation service that has over 8 million users and has completed over 2 billion rides. Within this app it has a good UI that allows you to easily select which Uber car you wish to ride in, in the top left of the screen you have a tab that allows the user access to their profile, payment methods and promotions etc. The UI is very responsive which means there is no delay when the user is making selections.

Hell apps – app that don’t fulfil their duties for the user.

Os Maps – Os maps is a app that allows the user to view the map of Britain, the layout and visuals of this app is not the greatest the colour schemes clash with the wording of certain places on the map. The UI is basic and a bit hard to use meaning that the assets and visuals stack of top of each other making them hard to read.

Live collage – instant collage maker – This app allows the user to edit photos and place them into a collage with layout variations, the UI is well equipped but too many options could confuse the user, the colour choice for this app is quite well selected and is very pleasing on the eye.

BBM – BBM is a messaging app that allows the user to send messages and also call the receiver. The apps colour scheme and placement of buttons are well selected but all the functions seem to overwhelm the app if you try to carry out more than one task which will cause the app to crash.


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