App Design

App Design – Research

Screen dimensions:

Iphone  5 –  640 x 1136

Iphone 7 – 750 x 1134

iPad mini – 1536 x 2048

App Icon sizes:

Iphone 5 Icon Size – 120 x 120

Iphone 7 icon size – 120 x 120

Ipad mini icon size 152 x 152app-icon-sizesapp-icon-sizes

graphic constraints:

Cancel buttons can add clarity. A cancel button can increase the users confidence when making certain decisions. Cancel buttons can be essential for various types of task.

The use of red highlight on certain buttons could help stop the user from making dangerous or harmful mistakes. it makes the user double check what their about to do.

Scroll wheels can be very effective when it comes to a large selection of options. scroll wheels can allow the user to get to A to B quite quickly but it can also go slower depending on the users movements.



Hierarchical navigation. Make one choice per screen until you reach a destination. To go to another destination, you must retrace your steps or start over from the beginning and make different choices. Settings and Mail use this navigation style.hierarchical-navigation

Flat navigation. Switch between multiple content categories. Music and App Store use this navigation style


Always provide a clear path. People should always know where they are in your app and how to get to their next destination. Regardless of navigation style, it’s essential that the path through content is logical, predictable, and easy to follow. In general, give people one path to each screen. If they need to see a screen in multiple contexts, consider using an action sheet, alert, popover, or modal view.

Iphone Differentiate iOS from other platforms by following three primary themes.

Clarity, deference and depth.

Interface Essentials:

Bars – These let the user know where they are in your app, possibly provide navigation and buttons.

Views – Text, graphics, animations and interactive elements, views can allow behaviours such a deletion, arrangement and insertion.

Controls – Buttons, Switches , texts field and progress indicators are examples.








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