Warburtons animation – Evaluation



Before I even started I had to do research on branding and advertisement, from this it gave me a basic understanding of advertisement and branding.

Advertising is promoting of commercial products to communicate a sales.

Branding is creating an image or a name for a product so consumers can quickly recognise this product.


I researched two different advertisements ‘Farewell | Compare the Meerkat TV ad’ and  ‘Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders (Official TV Commercial)’ I found that these two were very good examples of branding and advertisement, they were both unique and creative, I think they stand out from other adverts of their genre.


I had to come up with multiple ideas for an advertisement, me and my colleague decided to do market research to see which idea was the most popular, we had two ideas which was; a woman 30 years of age making a bagel, then she goes into a ninja phase to make the bagel as best as she can. The second idea was a standard office woman who has a bagel by her side and she takes a bite of it and start to day dream, whilst she is day dreaming the song ‘raining men’ would play in the background with a slight change to the chorus which was changing ‘men’ to ‘bread’.

The second idea was the most favourite out of the two choices. Personally I like the ‘Raining bread idea’ due to it being unique, it is something not many people have seen before.


I was trained on a variety of software including: adobe after effects, Adobe flash and Photoshop ect, I think being taught the basics was very helpful it allowed me to find out new things and then go and learn new techniques in my own time.



In the creation of my animatic, I had to come up with various type of ideas and pick out the ones that was most relevant to the brief, once I had done research on which idea was the best, I had to start designing characters and props because this would allow the creation process to be much quicker than carrying out all the designs on a computer. Once I was happy with the designs of the characters and props etc, I scanned them on to the computer and placed them onto Adobe Photoshop I did this so I could make the definition of lines clearer and add colour to these designs. When I was finished in Photoshop I took my work on to Adobe After Effects, this is where I could add slight movement to my creations and life like features. The way I carried this out is using various tools e.g. position, rotation and scale, I did this so I could give the audience a hint of the message my work is holding. Whilst on After Effects I noticed little mistakes I could change to further improve my work.


Stop Motion

Stop motion, throughout my class each individual was given a letter from the alphabet and was told to come up with 10 different ideas and then develop them into a stop motion. My letter was ‘N’ I came up with the word Nachos; I drew up a storyboard so I had a vague idea of how to carry out my stop motion. I had to buy various different types of things for my stop motion such as Nacho crisp; salsa dip and the college provided the camera. While I was carrying out my stop motion I had to empty the packet of crisp and form them into the letter ‘N’ and I then rearranged them to dip one nacho into the salsa dip, I took one image at a time and had to make sure I was careful to ruin the form of the nachos. I placed the images onto the computer and applied them in Adobe after effects and had to add text to the stop motion and also had to stretch the time to make sure it was at a readable pace. Once I completed the adjustments I added sound to go with it.


Warburtons Animation

For the Animations part I took the sketches and drawings I did and scanned them in and developed them using Photoshop, I made slight changes to most of the images and ideas this is because I wasn’t happy with the way the original images looked. I created a whole new town scene due to the original looking lopsided. Once I was finished with the changes I took all my work I had done on Photoshop and added them to Adobe After Effects and pieced together my work, I had to add movement to various types of things for example arms using the position tool and the rotation tool, I also used expressions for the clock I created to give it the same movement of a real clock.­­

I found this part of the assignment quite time consuming and successful.












My stop motion:





Warburtons animation:



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