Animation – Warburtons Unit 3 & 53

Advertising and Branding



Advertising – the production and broadcasting of commercial products and services. It is a form of market communication to promote or to sell a product. Advertising examples: in the newspaper, on television, a billboard etc.


Branding – this is the process for creating a name or image for a product so that the consumers can quickly recognise the product. This ‘name’ or ‘image’ could be placed in an advertising campaign, branding can be used to attract or retain loyal customers.



Farewell | Compare the Meerkat TV ad

In this ad they have 3 main characters (meerkats), the meerkats are visiting Africa, to see relatives, they have a child meerkat with them and they leave the child meerkat with the relatives.  The customers see these characters as ‘adorable’ and ‘loveable’, these characters are used to bring in more customers and retain them. These characters are memorable and not easily forgotten and this is because the advertisement scheme is so unique. They usually use the same characters to make their loyal customers feel at home and feel welcomed to use their company’s functions.

The meerkats was a base idea that was carried out further using various types of software.

Aleksandr Orlov is the main character in the majority of advertisements, he is used to explain the differences between his website, and advert had adorable and loveable characters which made me want to watch more of the short clip, due to not seeing meerkats on a regular basis. target audience is mainly people who have cars and are seeking advice on which is the best insurance to go with.

Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders (Official TV Commercial)

In this clash of clan commercial, they are promoting their game by giving a ‘sneak peek’ to the audience by showing what their game includes, they usually make their ad exciting and entertaining in order to catch the attention of their target audience. The way they catch their consumers is by their unique characters and the use of these characters.

Clash of Clans was an action packed advert with lots going on I found it quite entertaining and actually made me download their app myself. The ad had characters that were quite clumsy and funny, these characters that can be found in their app, but in this ad they gave more life to those characters compared to in game, I think this is quite a good marketing scheme due to giving off the impression that in game the characters would be the same as in the advert.

Their target audience are ages 9 and above I think this fits well with the actual game due to game being strategy.

I thought these two advertisements were both unique and had loveable characters, I personally found that these adverts were the ideal advertisements in my eyes.


There is a variety of different software to bring animations to life for example: Cinema 4d and Adobe after effects.


Animation Timelineanimation time line

I did research on the history of animation, it showed me how animation has progressed over time and it gave me a insight of what different types of audiences are into and this allowed me to acquire better knowledge about what Warburton’s target audience like about the brand, i took this knowledge and tried to put it into play. I wanted to create an advertisement that would engage with the audience and grab their attention.

Cinema 4D

This piece of software specialises in 3d and allows the user to create whatever they want, in the style they want and how they want.

You can use cinema 4D to create objects that would meet your desire, with this you can include these objects in other applications that are compatible with this application. This application is very useful in the animation industry when you want to create objects that fit in well with your animation.


This software is one of the leading photo editing software’s, it can allow users to manipulate their creations. This software is very useful in the animation industry seeing as you can make 2D images with ease and it can also help make 3D images. You can use this application to make your base idea, further edit it and then carry out your idea further into a animation using compatible applications.


Adobe after effects

After effects allows the user to make animation easier, this software lets the user ad motion to their images and this software creates each frame e.g. a square is moved to the right the software carries out the creation of frames.

Adobe after effects is used by video editors, interactive designers and 3d artist.


The majority of animation ads are 3D and the use of the 3D can give the companies target audience a sense of realism.

Adobe flash

This application is used for certain types of animation, it can be used to distribute animations using keyframes. Adobe flash is used by web designers, developers and animators, in my case I am using it for animation.

Keyframes – is a drawing that defines start and finish with a smooth transition. A drawing is called a frame because they are measured in frames on a strip of film.

Stop motion is a type of animation, you can have a drawing in one frame and slightly move it in the next and carry it on throughout the frames, to give of the idea that the drawing is moving by itself, when in all reality you moved it frame by frame.


The information that I have gather from doing my research has helped me and my colleague to create our own advertisement for Warburton’s bagels. We decided that we should create a character that looks standard but has an over imaginative mind, which in our eyes is quite unique. The plan was to come up with an idea Warburton’s audience has not seen before. We took the song “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls due to its large audience which is mostly females, the song has 14 million views and is constantly growing. We decided to change the word “men” within the song to “Bread” because it relates to Warburton’s thin bagels which is also bread, the song also relates to their main target audience which is women between the ages 20 – 45.

I personally thought that this idea would entice Warburton’s target audience to buy their thin bagels after view this advertisement, this is because they saw the main character ‘Lindsey’ procrastinate about raining bread meaning bagels, and this gives off the image that the bagels are so delicious that it can make you imagine things such as the raining bagels.




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