Planning for Animated Alphabet

I found that the best idea i had for the letter i was given was Nacho’s, i found this out by researching from different types of people, i asked them what their favourite choice was out of my ideas and the majority said Nacho’s.

For props i am going to need

1 Bag of Nacho crisp & Nacho dip –  With these Nacho crisp i am going to slowly unravel them from within the bag and by frame by frame i am going to then form the letter ‘N’ using the crisp. Once they are formed in to the letter ‘N’ i am going to place them in a line leading to Nacho dipping sauce, i have taken the frames i need they will then dip themselves into the dipping sauce and be eaten.

For lighting i am going to use a desk lamp for i am working on a small set, some of the extra lighting will come from the camera that i will be using.

This is all i will be needing for my idea. Nacho’s




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