Warburton’s Animation Treatment


Daijon Russell

Siam Patterson

The ad begins with a Woman called Lindsey, who is sitting at her desk in an office cubical. She butters her Warburton’s thin bagel, and then takes a bite out of it, the scene will begin to slowly freeze. A narrator, preferably with Morgan Freeman’s voice then says, “This is Lindsey”. An animated arrow then appears, pointing towards Lindsey. The narrator then says “And this is a Warburton’s thin bagel”. An animated arrow then points at the bagel, the bagel has a slight glow to it. The volume of his voice increases with every word. “And this is how she feels when she eats a Warburtons thin bagel because she knows its only 120 cals. This isn’ t just any bagel, IT’ S THE BAGEL”

Cut to a scene, on a semi-busy street in Bolton, in which Lindsey stands in the middle of the street arms out as if snow is falling, where thin bagels appear to rain from the sky (Using CGI)(Similar to Cloudy with a chance of meatballs).

The song its raining men plays, where the lyric men is substituted for “Bread”.

Cut back to office scene.

Lindsey then looks directly at the camera and says “Cor Blimey”. (Hashtag #RainingBread appears in bottom corner, thus incorporating social media into the ad).

Cut to Warburton’s logo above a thin bagel sandwich on a plate. (Possibly slogan “Bakers born and bred” in the corner.


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