The Monster Squad

Colour: Orange and Black


The Monster Squad are a bunch of organisms that have lived underground for centuries, they have decided to come up from below the earths crust and demolish the human civilisation but they have a ulterior motive and that is to over throw the human race. They despise the human race due to being forced underground because of their existance

The Martians

Colour: Green and white


Beings from outer space have arrived to take over the planet earth, they think it is a good habitat for their species to strive in, they have had their eyes on this planet for a while but now is the time they feel to attack, when the whole planet is in panic and is on the brink of an all-out war. They have come to wipe any living being that has the possibility to outsmart them.

The Military


Human beings had a crisis on their hands when The Monster Squad and The Martians are attacking at the same time for similar reasons. They are in a time of need, the humans came up with an army of people willing to protect what is theirs and they are called The MilitaryTe


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