Evaluation – Vroom

Evaluation – Vroom video game interface

I found that the project was quite fun and I enjoyed it, I enjoyed making all the team logos and icons, I managed to make everything on time and I also had extra time to make any changes to anything I was happy with, I used Photoshop for the creation of most of my icons. I had to gather research from various different types of sources e.g. websites and books.


I stuck to my planning schedule; I found that it really helped me in the long run it helped me finish everything systematically. The planning schedule contained what task I am going to carry out throughout the course of this assignment.


I had to research different car games like Forza and Need for Speed, the reason I had to research different types of car games is because they were used to give me an ideas and layout ideas for my car game.

I researched the car warning lights and icons that are mainly used in racing games and real car dashboard; this helped me when it came to making my icons and logos. After all my research I think I understand the creation of games a bit better, all the work that developers put into their work.

I learnt about copyright and IP laws protect ideas, inventions and designs from getting used by other people other than owner. I had to preform research on the different team names I have come up with and the logos, I did this in order not to take someone else’s idea.

I had to experiment with different types of speedometers, I tried this by sketching and drawing out my ideas, I tried to record and document what I’m doing to show what I’m doing and show that they’re my original ideas.

Development work

After I have conducted all the research I found relevant I decided to start creating my own logos and icons to go on screen. For the majority of the icons on screen I had to carry out different types of sketches and come up with different designs, e.g. speedometers. I felt that the logos and icons fit well with the environment, I had to change the colours and adjust how each icon and logo look. I used different software in order to create my final mock-up.

What do the icons on the screen do?

I have a speedometer to show the speed that the car is going at. There is a fuel gauge on the screen part of the HUD to show how much fuel is left in the car. I’ve added directional arrows to assist the player in what direction to go. There is a team logo that shows what team you’re playing as; I added these team logos to the players UI so they do not forget what team they are playing as.

There’s a mini map to show where you are on the race track and to show you where your final destination is, the mini map has the points of the compass to allow you to see what way you are going.

Midway crit

Half way towards the due date we had to sit down in a group and we had to receive feedback from our peers in order to better our work and to add more ideas to our work. I was told to add various ideas, for example I was told to add a check engine light. I found this midway crit very helpful as it gave me more ideas and gave me a extra to push to do well on this assignment. I enjoyed this part of the assignment because it showed me where all my peers are on completing this assignment.

Final mock up and visuals

I think I’ve made professional logos for my teams and icons to make the HUD look professional and well presented. I’ve come up with three teams The Martians, The Military and The Monsters each with their own colours and logos. I think everything works together and will interact well with the player of this game. I’ve created a professional document of the 3 different team identities to show their background and why they are included in this game.

I took a screenshot of the road I wish to place my racetrack and with this screenshot I placed all the UI elements on to it in order to get a feel for the game.

I think everything about this assignment was successful. I felt that all the team logos fit well in the game I think the teams go well with the electric car theme.


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