Vroom – Video Game interface

I’ve looked a various different type of racing games on pc and console and they all seem to have the same icons and elements as each other for example they all have a speedometer showing the speed that you’re going at and the majority of all popular racing games have a lap time to show how you are doing in the race compared to your opponents and mini map showing where you are on the race track.


Some of the games HUD imitate actual cars meaning that their cars dashboards look very similar to real life cars for example some racing games have a fuel gauge some of the games have on to fill in the screen but some have functioning fuel gauges, other games have warning lights that are mainly there for show and this gives the player a sense of realism even though they don’t really work.

They have a brake system warning light that comes on when there is a problem with the cars brakes and it means that you need to check them. ECU/ engine warning light this turns on when the engine encounters unusual problems.


Intellectual property (IP) Law

The IP law protects inventions, designs and ideas by enforcing the rules of certain different laws. It protects these inventions, designs and ideas the same way it protects ownerships of personal property and real estate


Brand Copyright

‘Copyright’ is a protection that is issued to people with original ideas published and unpublished, this means that other people cannot use the original idea as their own unless they buy it from the original owner. Brands like McDonalds, Nike and BMW are all copyrighted and cannot be used by another person other than the owner or it could result in serious consequences.

Video games can use copyrighted games if you pay a fee to the owner or come up with a negotiation that is appealing to the owner.


Siam Patterson


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