Evaluation of architecture posters

Evaluation of Architecture posters

Purple poster – Final design:

For this poster there is 7 layers, is used rulers to line up the text in order to get them all aligned together to make the poster look professional. I took an image of a new block of flats that has been made recently, I used a block of flats to show even if you are from an estate or a block of flats architects come to change the way people perceive other people. I took the logo of the RIAS festival of architecture, I removed the background of both the logos to make them fit the poster and I rearranged them in order to go with the poster. I then used the text tool to write about who the festival is held by and what the festival is about. I then used the text tool again to write ‘FESTIVAL OF ARCHITECTURE 2016’ so that everyone knows what the poster is about. I then changed the colour of the background image by using the hue/saturation tool to make it purple and then once I did that I then used the brightness/contrast tool to make the image a bit darker. I made a simple poster in order to get the message across quicker. I used the colour purple to show the target audience what things could be shown in this event, many architects are very creative and ambitious, they usually show devotion, this is why I used the colour purple to allow the audience to see into the event.


Colourful Poster – 2nd design:

In this poster there is 26 layers, the majority of the layers have been made by the text tool. I found an image of a building on google and thought it was a good idea to use it in my work, I changed the colour of the image ever so slightly using the hue/saturation tool. I used rulers to make each of the colour segments equal to each other so they look the same width, once I did that I got the paint bucket tool and went around the colour circle filling in the sections with colours I see fit. On this poster I wrote ‘RIAS’ in big letters going vertically down the poster so the target audience would recognise who is in charge of the festival. I then used the logo of the RIAS and placed it in the bottom right of the poster so it wasn’t in the way and confuse the audience. I took the 2nd logo of the RIAS and placed it just above the centre of the page in order for the audience who are viewing the post to see what building it is behind the writing and colour scheme.

Green poster – 3rd design:

I used the colours light green, dark green and red. I used light green because it symbolizes growth, harmony and freshness. Green has a correspondence with safety. Secondly I used dark green because dark green is greatly associated with money and without money many architect would not have been so successful today. Lastly I used red because it is related with danger, anger and adventure and without these architect might have not come up with such great ideas such as Philip Johnson. In total on this poster there is around 45 layers some of which are text and some are lines. I came up with the line idea because I thought it fits well in relation to architecture, due to great buildings having sharp edges and changes in angles. i added the logo of the RIAS and placed it in the centre so when the audience looks at the poster the first thing they see is the logo and they can see who is hosting this event. I used the text tool to write RIAS vertically down the left side of the poster to assist the audience to recognise who is holding the event again. I then placed the second logo just below the centre of the poster along with text ‘Festival of architecture 2016’ I did this so the audience knows what the event is about and what year it is held. I also wrote who the event is held by and what it is about and why it is held in Scotland all using the text tool.


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