Sound in interactive media

Sound in Interactive Media


I found final fantasy 13 has good audio; I found one in particular that I like a lot. It is very unique in the way it was made, it was very captivating just hearing the violins and the pianos in tune together, to make an orchestral sound. It gives you a great insight to what makes good game audio.


This piece of game audio actually made me feel as if I already knew what the game is about, this piece of audio uses clear, melodic sounds in order to put almost a message across as if it was trying to tell you something.


Masashi Hamauzu is the composer of Final Fantasy XIII, he is known for his orchestral music, he usually merges the classical and ambient music together in order to make some kind of clash almost, his music being used in such a way in a game such as final fantasy can make people think the game is legendary.


In final fantasy they use classical instruments to make the game seem original and unique to their target audience, the use of these instruments show that the game is a ‘classic’ and the majority of their niche will notice and understand this.


In battlefield 4 when loading into a multiplayer match they play this audio that make it seem as if you’re flying to an unknown destination, the audio that they play sucks you into the game and makes you feel as if it is realistic. The audio that they play in the loading screens is almost melodic they all have a rhythm that can either make you seem relax or pumped up could you say.

Battlefield 4 the use of bass instruments could represent gun fire and it give you the sense that you are in the middle of a war zone and could be shot down at any moment the enemy sees fit.


GTA 5 the is composer Edgar Froese. In the main loading screen there is a piece of audio that I really liked it is almost harmonic, it is really mischievous, I think they added this piece of audio to the game because it can change the mood of the player, it gets them into a mood where they feel like they can do anything they want on the game but then they have to come back to reality and have to follow the rules of society. The audio in this game can be really addicting to some players and they can even alienate themselves.


Gta 5 captures the sounds of California and is actually life like, the developers of the game captured these sounds with precision, and it could give some players a taste of what California is like.


in assassins creed syndicate the composer has created a piece of work that captures beauty and suffering of London during the industrial times, the composer made the audio of the game to touch the players emotions, he created a brilliant orchestral masterpiece. During the entire game I can only remember one track of the game, it is a rhythmic and energetic piece truly memorial. The composers name is Austin Wintory.

The use of orchestral instruments shows the game represents Assassins creed syndicate is a historical mirror of history itself, throughout the assassins creed series the audio has changed ever so slightly to fit the date and time of the event that they are trying to imitate.




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