Vroom – Video Game Interfaces. My Planning Schedule.

Vroom – Video Game Interfaces

Task 1: Planning

Week 1 6th November:

1) Create planning schedule and plans for assignment


Week 2 13th November:

1) Research Driving games and analyse the UI.

2) Investigate dashboards of cars and what they all have in similar.


Week 3 20th November:

1) Investigate the dashboard symbols and signals.

2) Find out reasons why I would need them in the game.


Week 4 27th November:

1) Research the branding copyright and intellectual property law.

2) Describe the interface elements.

3) Map out the route that I am going to use.


Week 5 4th December:

1) Sketch the route that I am going to use.

2) Experiment with different UI’s and ideas, describe what I like and don’t like about them.


Week 6 11th December:

1) Create mock-ups and test them on relevant software.

2) Annotate my designs and describe my ideas and my process of how I got my design.


Week 7 18th December:

1) Receive feedback from my peers and give them feedback also


Week 8 25th December:

1) Create a professional looking set of visuals for the game that illustrate my interface items.

2) Describe how they look and work and interact with each other.


Week 9 1st January:

1) Create a professional looking single sheet illustrating the 3 different team identity (names, logos and colours)


Week 10 8th January:

1) write an evaluation of my project and how I approached my design during my brief and how successful it was.


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